QW Strategies

Let the algorithms work for you

For most systems to be effective, you would require hearty out-of-test alpha just as the capacity to actualize and execute your alpha with quick time-to-showcase and wanted usage costs. The QuantWise framework is explicitly set up for the full hover of alpha advancement. A large portion of our new strategists are exceptionally shocked how rapidly they can experiment with their thoughts in our condition and after that prepare their perplexing methodology to experiment with against live information in simply a question of weeks. We trust that a stage like our own, which gives reliable interface crosswise over districts, alpha spans and cost desires, is central to inspire your plan to advertise.

NinjaTrader Advantage

It starts with a very reliable tool. When strategies are left running by themselves, the last thing traders can think is if my platform has ability to sustain all operations in several market environments. Once they are looking for to create a chain of decisions based on market data, the flow might to be perfect. For many years, Quant-Wise has utilized NinjaTrader as standard platform to generate and control orders.

Strategy development is a very dynamic process and Quant Wise keeps an open channel with users to get feed back from their status operation. This continuous improvement process provides great benefits for all users, sharing a common knowledge base and allowing the system to be always updated.

The other aspect for QW strategies is the very accessible parameters panel with large customization options. You can set time, targets, stops, limits and several instances to adjust the strategy to market behavior.